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About Bill

Bill Gulino and his wife Sharon moved to Palm Desert last July, quickly falling in love with the area during a visit. “In addition to the very attractive weather, I really like that this area supports live entertainment. In other parts of the country, even New York, there is less going on than there was a few years ago. But in Palm Springs, people really love to go out and see live entertainment.”

Palm Springs is very fortunate to have Bill Gulino as a new native for he has had a remarkable career, in fact several as a pianist, singer, arranger, film score composer, bandleader, author, comic, conductor and all-round entertainer. Born and raised in New Jersey, he began to play piano when he was four and had many notable teachers including the great Teddy Wilson from whom he learned how to play swing and stride piano. Gulino debuted as a pianist when he was 17 as a member of the Gene Krupa Trio. He studied music at the Berklee School of Music and is a graduate of Almeda University with a Degree in Business. After college Bill spent two years in Rome, Italy where he then went on to study  film scoring, perfomed nightly at the famous Red Banjo and composed the scores for  films and television.

Upon returning to New York City, Gulino performed five nights a week at the legendary Danny’s Hideaway during 1972-74, accompanying and interacting with many immortal celebrities. “I played a piano with wheels, pulling up to different tables entertaining and backing whoever wanted to sing. That is where I accompanied such greats as Doris Day, Sammy Davis Jr, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Donald O’Connor and so many others.”  Bill was always hanging out with celebs of the day, Ed Sullivan, Don Rickles, columnist Earl Wilson and Glenn Ford.  He was often hired to entertain at private parties for famous actors, singers and comics. During 1976-93, Gulino was the musical director of the world famous  Platters featuring the original lead singer Tony Williams, touring Europe and the United States many times. During that era he also worked on cruise ships as a musical director, cruise director and entertainer, performed at the casinos of Atlantic City, and worked for Donald and Ivana Trump as their staff entertainer at the Trump Castle in Atlantic City and at their home, Mar-a- Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.

During 1993-2001, Gulino was signed to NBC as the musical director of The America’s Talking Network, co-hosting the show Bugged with actor Brian O'Conner and America After Hours with Brian Tracey. In 1997 he was inducted into the Museum of Radio and Television after completing over 500 hours of live television. He also arranged, composed and performed the music for the annual Academy Awards Pre-Show for FOX TV in 2001. In addition, Gulino has produced albums for other artists, composed a notable theme for Danny DeVito’s Limoncello, and written numerous books and  piano instructional courses for Cherry Lane Publishing including filming the DVD The Life Of The Party hosted by John Sebastian of the Loving Spoonful. He has recorded many CDs of his own (Songs For Sinatra Lovers featuring Steven Maglio is a popular favorite),  leads and arranges for his big band, conducts and produces records for other artists, wrote the film score for a feature film, The Last Resort, and appeared as an actor in the film called “ Lizards” with Richard Pryor Jr. Gulino recently performances include Feinstein’s in NYC  and the Paris Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. Bill is also a charter member of both the Friar's Club of New York City as well as The Lamb's Club which is the oldest and most respected entertainment fraternity in the world.

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